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Grab yourself an Aussie made Sunblock Stick! Nothing protects you better against the sun than our Sun Zapper Zinc Stick

Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks are tried and tested Aussie sunblock sticks for your face. Our Zinc oxide sunscreen offers unmatched sun protection, water resistance and it also stays on for longer. Our sun block sticks come in two ranges: our Original range (7 colours) and our brand new Extreme range (8 new colours).

If you're looking for zinc oxide sunscreen to blend in with your skin tone we have 4 shades available to you. The original range offers the light skin tone and darker skin tone options. Our new Extreme Zinc stick range includes the Tan tone (lighter) and Bronze, which is our darkest tone available.

If you're not looking to blend your sun cream in with your skin colour then why don't you pick your favourite colour from our range and have some fun whilst being protected from the sun?

If you're looking to buy more than one Zinc Stick we'd recommend looking into our 3 and 4 value packs as these offer the best bang for your buck.

Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks have been the surf sunscreen and watersports sunscreen of choice for over 25 years.

Go ahead and enjoy the sun without having to worry about it legends.