Not just sticks! Sun Zapper's classic zinc sunscreen lotions offer broad-spectrum protection for your entire body, leaving no area vulnerable. These smooth, non-greasy formulas absorb quickly, perfect for larger areas like your back or legs, while still being gentle enough for your face. Cover more, worry less, and enjoy the sun with confidence.


  • Clear Zinc Mineral Sunscreen

    New & Improved Formula for 2024. Moisturising, Rubs in Clear, Great Coverage & Gentle on Skin. SPF 50+ Contains 5% Zinc. Perfect for Everyday Sun Protection ☀️

  • Pure Zinc Sun Cream SPF 50

    New & Improved Formula for 2024. Reef Safe & with Natural Ingredients. SPF 50. Perfect for the Planet🐢 & Everyday Sun Protection ☀️ Contains 25% Zinc

  • Sportsmesh Sweat Proof Sun Cream

    Advanced Formula. Rubs in Clear & Non-Greasy. Sweat & 4 Hours Water Resistant SPF 50+ Perfect for Activities & Water & When you need something Extreme! ☀️

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Possibly the best Zinc Sun Cream or Mineral Sunscreen in the UK

Our sun creams are a trusted choice for sun protection in the UK, offering a range of zinc oxide sunscreens that prioritize both effectiveness and skin health. As a leading Australian brand, Sun Zapper specialises in zinc sunscreen formulations, providing broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our mineral sunscreen options, featuring zinc oxide as a key ingredient, ensure a reliable defense against sun damage while catering to the increasing demand for high-quality zinc sun creams in the UK. With a commitment to skincare and sun safety, Sun Zapper stands out as a go-to choice for those seeking reliable and protective zinc oxide sunscreens in the United Kingdom.

Fancy your sun cream in the form of a sunscreen stick instead? Head over to our zinc stick page.

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Sun Safety with Mineral Sun Cream: Protecting Your Skin & the Planet

Mineral sun cream, with its gentle and effective approach, is taking the spotlight for a reason. Unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays, mineral options act as a physical shield, reflecting harmful rays away. This makes them a safer choice for sensitive skin, free from potentially irritating chemicals. But the benefits extend beyond your skin:

Reef-safe formulas ditch harmful oxybenzone and octinoxate, protecting delicate coral reefs from damage. Additionally, natural ingredients often used in mineral sunscreens minimize environmental impact compared to their chemical counterparts.

So, if you're looking for gentle, effective sun protection that also prioritizes the environment, consider making the switch to a mineral sun cream. Your skin and our planet will thank you!