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Dark Skin Tone Original Zinc Sunblock Stick SPF 50+ Zinc Sunscreen Stick

Dark Skin Tone Original Zinc Sunblock Stick SPF 50+ Zinc Sunscreen Stick

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A Sunscreen Stick for Legends with Darker Skin Tones

🌞 Unbeatable Sun Protection SPF 50+

🌊 4 Hours+ Superior Water Resistance

🦘 Sunblock Made with Love in Australia

The Sun Zapper Zinc Stick is your pocket-sized hero for conquering any sun adventure. This convenient, travel-friendly formula delivers powerful SPF 50+ protection to keep you safe and carefree, no matter where the day takes you.

  • Blends Seamlessly: This zinc stick blends beautifully with medium / darker skin tones, offering natural-looking coverage and it even doubles up as an effective concealer.

  • Everyday Essential: Perfect for daily sun protection, whether you're running errands or exploring the outdoors. Stay protected with Sun Zapper.

  • Multi-Use Hero: From surfing and swimming to skiing, hiking, cycling, and for days by the pool, this zinc stick tackles any adventure.

  • Gentle on Skin: Our skin tone Zinc Sticks are recommended for sensitive skin conditions such as Melasma for concealing and protecting.

To safeguard your face and other sensitive areas from potential sun damage, rely on Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks for comprehensive protection. The zinc oxide-based formula effectively blocks various types of rays, including UVA and UVB, making it one of the most powerful and reliable sunscreens on the market. 

Is being burnt by the sun in sensitive areas a problem for you? Try the Zinc Stick and solve this problem for good! Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks offer unrivalled protection against the sun.

Our Darker Skin Tone Zinc Stick is highly recommended by dermatologists for individuals with various skin conditions including melasma, offering perfect sun protection for sensitive skin when you need it the most.


    What are you waiting for? Try our Darker Skin Tone Zinc Stick today!

    sun zapper zinc stick
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Dark skin sunblock/sunscreen stick

    I've just had reconstructive surgery to my face and needed protection from the sun to protect the new scars. The sunblock/sunscreen is nice and thick and sits on the surface of the skin. The dark skin tone blends in nicely with my skin colour

    Better for my skin tone!

    i've tried the light skin tone which was a little too light for me so I tried this one and it is better for my darker skin complexion. I've found the one!

    Keeps Sun off

    Blends well on face and stays for long time

    avid reader
    It works!

    I recently went on a beach vacation and despite usual hypervigilance with hats and sunscreen, always come home with many freckles. Not so on this trip! I did slather a pretty thick layer on over my sunscreen, and only a few freckles popped out and I certainly did not get an much color as I normally do. It seemed fairly water resistance and came off easily with a double cleanse and did not clog my pores. I have fitzpatrick 4-5 skin and the dark skin tone matched quite well. It looked like pancake makeup from the 80s, but I was able to blend it enough and it's certainly much better than the old white zinc oxide that lifeguards used to wear. This is now a part of my sun protection armamentarium

    Why choose Sun Zapper Sunblock?

    sun zapper zinc stick

    Unbeatable SPF 50+ Zinc Powered Sun Protection

    Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Made with Love in Australia

    Sunblock with Up to 4 Hours + Water Resistance

    Creators of Mineral & Natural Sun Creams

    Child Friendly Sun Care from 6 Months Old

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